Data Backup and Recovery

Data Backup and RecoveryData is your most valuable computing asset, it’s why you have a computer and it’s how the computer runs.

We can help you protect your computer from viruses or catastrophic failure with data transfers or cloned hard drives. During our Data Backup Service, the following steps are taken:

  • All of the data and settings will be safely stored
  • The computer hard drive will be then erased
  • The operating system will be reloaded
  • Your stored data and settings will be then migrated back to the hard drive
  • Your MS Outlook data will be reconfigured to with Outlook
  • Your browser “favorites” will be re-installed
  • Your “My Documents” and other data folders will be restored to original condition

If your computer has died and you don’t have a backup, in most cases we can recover your data with our Data recovery service for laptops, desktop computers, data servers, RAID arrays, tapes and all other data storage media. We restore your computer to the settings with which you are already accustomed too. 

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